Present – 2010

2012.9 One Response ~ for Bae Bong-gi and countless other womenandI guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, Women In Between: Asian Women Artists 1984 – 2012 Fukuoka Aisan Art Museum, Fukuoka

2012.7 I guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, Wanna dance! Die Pratze, Tokyo

2012.4 I guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, La-bas Biennial – Concept of performance, Contemporary Art Kiasma Helsinki

2012.4 Peformance Art Acstion 2012 – Two performances about Okinawa and Fukushima Gallery Broken, Tokyo

2012.2 I guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, Love Tokyo Performance for a happy new year 2012 organized by LTP,Tokyo

2012.1 I guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, Nomad/from a corner of the Underground (event), Forzz Souguwa, Toyama

2011.12 I guess it’s better that radiation doesn’t have color’….Sigh, Aita Megumi Pottery Exhibition Gallery Broken, Tokyo

2011.12 Wins Women’s Human Rights Activities Award (Yayori Aword), Yayori Journalist Award

2011.6 Act One Response ~ for Bae Bong-gi and countless other women in Tokyo, CYD3331, Tokyo

2011.5 Kokokara Collaboration – Ito Tari & Swing Masa organized by Space Kokokara, Outenin, Osaka

2011.4 Act One Response ~ for Bae Bong-gi and countless other women in Okinawa, Cultural Center Haebaru, Okinawa

2011.3 ~ now Work as a visiting asistant of Kunitachi Assosiation Helpas

2011.1 One Response-for Bae Bong-gi and countless other women Memorial Symposium donated work of Yun Suknam organized by WAM, Tokyo

2010 Okinawa – Things heard from 1944 – 2010 and showing a film “One response in front of Atomic Bomb Dome” PA/F Space, Tokyo

2010.6 Okinawa – Things heard from 1944 – 2010, Artfull Action Koganei,Tokyo

2010.5 Okinawa – Things heard from 1944 – 2010, PA/F Space, Tokyo

2010.1 Activity report through videos and talks for 2009, PA/F Space, Tokyo 2010.2 Try out Okinawa – Things heard from 1944 – 2010, PA/F Space, Tokyo

2010.1 ~ now opened Pafcafe for Sexual minority women and Trans Gender at PA/F Space once a month,Tokyo

2009 – 2000

2009.12 One response Hiroshima Peace Film Festival 2009, performed in front of Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima

2009.11 I will not forget you Korea-Japan Art Relay (event) organized by Theater ZERO +Die Pratze,Seoul

2009.11 Artist talk Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

2009.9 One response Open Performance Art Festival, Open Realization Contemporary Art Center, Beijin

2009.8 One response 5th Anniversary Exhibition Hundred Stories about Love, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2009.7 One response Art exhibition to protest the censorship of Okinawa exhibition Atomic Sunshine, Gallery Maki, Tokyo

2009.7 Rainbow Arts Exhibition 2009, Tokyo

2009.7 Performance Art Action One response solo exhibition at Toki Art Gallery, Tokyo

2009.6 Fukuoka tour One response Art Base 88, Seinan Gakuin University, Gender Equality Promotion Center Promotion Department in cooperation & No!sh

2009.2 Performance Workshop organized by MIW Center for Gender Equality, Toyko

2009.1,3,6 One response PA/F Space, Tokyo

2008.12 One response Passage and Space: Transit Room (exhibition) organized by Museum city Project, Fukuoka

2008.12 I will not forget you State of the art and gender studies (event), International Symposium, Tokyo

2008.11 I will not forget you the Asian Solidarity Conference issue comfort women Japanese Army 9th, Tokyo

2008.11 One response PA/F Space, Tokyo

2008.8 Rainbow Arts Exhibition 2008, Tokyo

2008.7 performance and artist’s talk Keio University, Tokyo

2008.5 Let’s make a law that prohibits Sexual Violence Network stand-up party, Tokyo

2008.4 Appears on the show Ha-to wo Tsunagou NHK first of Gay and Lesbian

2008.4 Mori-woods (exhibition) Beauty School Gigumenta, Tokyo

2008.4 ~ now Body Exercise for a group of autism

2007.12 Libra Art Project ”Performance Introductory Course”, Minato gender equality Equality Center (Libra), Tokyo

2007.10 Workshop ”Make a field” Dokkyo University, Tokyo

2007.10 Yanaka Art (event) K’s Green Gallery, Tokyo

2007.6 I will not forget you Trauma-interrupted (exhibition) The Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

2007.5 ~ now Works at a group home as a night supporter

2007.4 Rubber Tit – collaboration with Swing Masa The University of Chicago, University of Illinois, LGBT Center (N.Y)

2007.4 ~ now Tari Style Body Exercise Class at Koganei

2007.3 I will not forget you Workshop of “Asia, Politics and Art” Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa

2007.2 Performance with Participants (event) Libra Festival, Tokyo

2007.2 Rubber Tit Gender / technology culture- English- speaking countries COE Annual, Tokyo

2006.11 Action Art after Zero Dimension (event) organized by out- lounge, Tokyo

2006.11 – 12 Art Conference GAZE (event) organized by PIA,Toki Art Space, Tokyo

2006.10 ~ 11 Workshop “Watashi wo kataru, watashi no kodawari” organized by Minato gender equality Equality Center (Libra), Tokyo

2006.10 Rubber Tit “Shintai no chi” and performance (event) International Christian University, Tokyo

2006.10 Rubber Tit Viva! Art Action organized by 5 Artists-run Centers, Montreal

2006.9 Rubber Tit Rencontre Internationale d’art performance de Quebec organized by Le Lieu, Quebec

2006.7 Homepage created by TUNA.

つなさんが作ってくれたホームページのスクリーンショットです。 Screenshot of homepage created by TUNA.
Screenshot of homepage created by TUNA.

2006.5 I will not forget you 8th International Art Action Festival Interakcje, Piotrkow Trybunalski and Krakow

2006.4 I will not forget you Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Restaurant I organized by Arai Shinichi, out-lounge, Tokyo

2005.11 I will not forget you Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace, Tokyo

2005.10 On the Move : The Body Project organized by People’s Theater Festival Society, Hongkong

2005.8 Japanese Women Artists in Avant-garde Movement,1950 – 1975, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi

2005.8 Meditating Body WALLproject (event) organized by out-lounge, Tokyo

2005.6 Meditating Body F+F Project Finland tour, Helsinki & Vassa

2005.3 People in Rainbow Colors , Shakkyo, Tokyo

2004.12 Solo exhibition at A.R.T People in Rainbow Colors, Tokyo

2004.11 Artist Talk at Tokyo University

2004.8 People in Rainbow Colors The 6th Theater X International Theater and 2004.11 Artist Talk at Gokkyo University

2004.7 Wanna dance! (event) Die Pratze, Tokyo

2004.6 Borderline Cases (exhibition) organized by FAAB, A.R.T GAllery, Tokyo

2004.5 Where is the fear? +Artist talk Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto

2004.4 ~ 2008.3 Worked for Pafnight events

2004.2 People in Rainbow Colors Fund raising Party for Borderline Cases A.R.T. gallery, Tokyo

2003.10 Where is the fear? Wako University Gender Free Space, Tokyo

2003.10 Where is the fear? Invisible Japan (event) coordinated by Dennis Uehara, Highways Performance Space presents, Los Angels

2003.7 Tari Style Body Exercise Class at PA/F Space

2003.4 ~ now Founds PA/F SPACE

2003.3 Where is the fear? NO WAR Vol.2 Performance project organized by Tokyo Babilon, Tokyo

2002.10 ~ 11 solo exhibition -perfprmance and installation – at A space, Toronto

2002.8 Japan & Korea Artist’s Exchange Tour – Art and herstories – at Ssamzie Space and the 4th Anniversary of the House of Sharing, Seoul

2002.6 The second Women’s Art Festival – East Asian Women and Herstories – organized by FAN in Seoul

2002.5 Where is the fear? Ristumeikan Art Research Center and Creo Osaka Central, Osaka

2001.12 Performance series Hajime Owari Hajimari (event)organized by Toki Art Space, Tokyo

2001.11 Where is the fear? Tokyo Keizai University, Tokyo

2001.11 Project of Camilla Saunders ( Pianist), Engaland

2001.11 Where is the fear? The 11th Korea-Japan Dance Festival, Seoul

2001.7 Where is the fear? Wanna see Performance! Die Pratze, Tokyo

2001.4 Film Dear Tari derected by Chieko Yamagami It got People’s prize at The 3rd International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul

2001.2 Where is the fear? The 3rd Asian Women Theatre Conference, Tokyo

2001.1 Where is the fear? Women Breaking Boundaries (exhibition), organized by WAN Hillside Forum, Tokyo

2000.12 Women Breaking Boundaries – Art-salon (event) organized by WAN Toki Art Space, Tokyo

2000.6 Text & Subtext – Contemporary Asian Women Artists – Organized by EarLiu Gallery, Singapore

2000.5 2es Rencontres internationales en arts visuels Organized by La Chambre Blanche, Quebec collaborated with Yuko Nexus6

2000.3 WAN ACT 2 – We talk bout Women’s Self-portrait (event), Yokohama Women’s Forum, Yokohama

1999 – 1990

1999.10 Me Being me Kyoto Seika University

1999.6 Ito Tari Performance (event) organized by Battera at Sowaka Gallery, Kyoto

1999.5 WAN ACT1 – Feminist art and Japan, Now how we are! (event) Suginami Kokaido, Tokyo

1999.5 Blow up ’99 – vol.5 Ito Tari (exhibition) Organized by Toki Art Space, Tokyo

1999.3 Me Being me Second International Women’s Art Exchange Womanifesto, Bangkok

1998.11 Me Being me LOVE’S BODY-Rethinking Naked and Nude in Photography, The Metropolitan Museum Photography, Tokyo

1997.11 Namiki Takao Memorial (event), Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo

1997.11 Performance Art Self-portrait+discussion Image & Gender Study Group, Theater X Gallery

1997.10 Self-portrait Dyke March Gathering (event), Women’s Plaza, Tokyo

1997.9 Self-portrait Gallery Titanik, Finland

1997.9 Performance Festival Dimension 0, Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, Lithuania

1997.7 Self-portrait Haigo Festival L’art japonais actuel, France

1997.7 Love Piece Club event, Tokyo

1997.6 Self-portrait organized by Cafe Frida, Tokyo

1997.6 Self-portrait Performance party – Magnetic field of Age (event), Seira Gallery, Tokyo

1997.5 Self-portrait organized by Nantogosei, El Sendai Park, Sendai

1997.3 The first International Women’s Art Exchange – Womanifesto – , Concrete house, Bankok

1996.12 Art talk and Exhibition – Hyougen no genba – organized by WAN, Gallery Broken, Tokyo

1996.10 ~ 11 Self-portrait Recontre Internationale d’ art Performance Art et Multimedia 1996 organized by Le Lieu, Quebec and 5 cities tour, Joliette, Granby, Victoriaville, Toronto and Montreal

1996.7 Skin to skin Maraika, Tokyo

1996.6 Ito Tari Performance & Art Document Self-portrait organized by The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

1996.5 Self-portrait (event), National Women’s Education Center, Saitama

1996.3 Self-portrait The 3rd Nippon International Performance Festival (NIPAF), Tokyo & Nagano

1996.2 Self-portrait Jikohyougen saizensen kouza. Setagaya Women’s Center Laplace, Tokyo

1996.1 Self-portrait Za Moca Foundation,Tokyo First coming out in here

1995.10 Distant Skinship at Kinokyuhhe, Tokyo

1995.10 Skin Za Moca Foundation,Tokyo

1995.9 Kaze o miru (event) organized by Keiko Hoshino, Kinshichou Studio, Tokyo

1995.9 FACE Women step East to West (event) Vilnius Artist Place, Lithuania

1995.7 Distant Skinship Cosmos Colosseum Sho, Fukushima

1995.4 ~ 2009 Teaches body exercise for Japan Mac

1995.5 Women’s Performance Project Distant Skinship organized by WAN, Shinbashi, Fujino, Kunitachi and Yokohama

1995.4 ~ 2006.3 Works for Kaikisen day – care center, Tokyo

1994 ~ 2002 Founds Women’s Art Network (WAN), Tokyo

1994.8 International Dance Festival to Hit Theater X, Tokyo

1994.4 Performance Series (event), Franklin Furnace Archive INC, New York

1993.9 Performance at 1400 Dupont street, organized by FADO, Toronto

1993.7 Vrouwen Festival in Gent, Belgium and Vrauen Museum Wiesbaden, Germany

1993.5 MAY WORKS FESTIVAL’93 Class Act, Toronto

1993.4 Megalopolis Aborigines (event) in Tokyo, Gallery Surge, Tokyo

1993.2 FACE Performance Round Scape, Ogimachi Museum Square, Osaka

1993.1 FACE Alternative Receptor (event), Proto Theatre, Tokyo

1992.10 Tokyo-Osaka Action Art 1992 Europe Tour, organized by Christophe Charles and Gallery Surge, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.v inBerlin, Het Apollohuis in Eindhoven, Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain in Nice and Logos in Gent

1992.10 Hamada Goji Perofrmance Art School organized by Nakamura (event), Kyoto Seibu-koudou, Kyoto

1992.9 FACE organized by Nakamura Masayoshi Museum, Kawasaki

1992.7 Here I am, Sakai Josei Kaikan, Osaka

1992 Here I am, People’s Theartre Festival, Hongkong

1991.11 Thai and Indonesia tour, organized by Asian Feminist Art (afa) Here I am at Bankok Culture Center, 3 villages in Isan, Bangdung Art Academy and Rendora Bengkel Teartre

1991.8 Tajima Performance Festival, Fukushima

1991.7 The Memory of the Epidermis, organized by Nakamura Masayoshi Museum, Kawasaki

1991.5 Art Forum (event), organuzed by Yokohama Women’s Forum, Yokohama

1991.5 The Memory of the Epidermis, organized by Yumiko Arimoto, at Proto Theatre, Tokyo

1991.5 Sasarahousara, Monshuuin, Tokyo

1990.10 – 11 Cross Canada Tour – Performance from Japan, organized by Western Front, Open Space (Victoria),Western Front (Vancouver),Plug in (Winnipeg),Oboro (Montreal),Gallery 101 (Ottawa),A Space (Toronto),Center for Art Tapes (Halifax),Galleire Sans Nom (Moncton),Chambre Blanche (Quebec) participant artist: Higuma Haruo

1990.9 Organizes Performance Perspective (event), Gallery Space 21,Tokyo

1990.9 Tajima Performance Festival, Fukushima

1990.7 The Memory of the Epidermis, organized by Nakamura Masayoshi Museum, Kawasaki

1990.6 The Memory of the Epidermis Musashino Art University, Tokyo

1990.6 The Memory of the Epidermis Terpsichore, Tokyo

1990.5 The Memory of the Epidermis Die pratze, Tokyo

1990.1 The Cosmos of the Epiderimis, organized by Nakamura Masayoshi Museum, Kawasaki

1989 – 1980

1989.9 Holland and Bulgaria tour, joined in Theatre in a suitcase, Sofia

1989.8 Performance festival in Hinoemata, Fukushima

1989.5 The Cosmos of the Epiderimis appears with Mototeru Takagi (Saxophonist) and Kenichiro Aita (Photographer), Terpsichore, Tokyo 1989.7 performance at Gallery K and Hiroseza, Fukushima

1988.5 – 11 Variations1 ~ 4, Body environments,Terpsichore, Tokyo

1988.4 – 6 Women’s free works organized by Han koubou, Tokyo

1987.11 Presentation from ISA 1987 (event) organized by Scorpio, Tokyo

1987.9 Performance festival in Hinoemata, Fukushima

1987.8 Front-line Art Collection (event), Gallery K, Fukushima

1987.5 Epidermis & Mass Mime in Japan Theater 87 (event), Tokyo

1987.4 – 1990.3 Movement Workshop at Terpsichore, Toyko

1986.9 returns to Tokyo

1986 Perry’s Glasstown S.O.S organized by Dans Lab, Amsterdam

1985 Terra incognita organized by Stichting Schwibettus, Amsterdam

1984 Vastelandwind, Amsterdam

1984 Timing, Spring Dance International Festival, Utrecht

1983.9 moves to Amsterdam and performed Timing in 25 cties of Holland for 2 years

1983.5 Timing (supported by Het Klein), Het Klein Theatre and Amsterdam Summer Festival

1982 Becomes a member of the Het Klein Movement Theatre in Eindhoven, appears in Witte Angel and Herfestveld

1980.8 Tohoku tour as a member of Mimer’s Station

1980.6 Francis Ponge, L’escargot, Cageot, Les plaisirs de la porte, Unique Ballet Theatre, Tokyo

1979 – 1972

1979.4 – 1981.3 Performing tour at 99 junior and senior high schools. Organizer: Tokyo Sho-Gekijyo

1979.4 In the freak passage, Jiyu Gekijyo, Tokyo

1979 Started working freelance

1978.2 Icarus, Fly and Fall produced by Tari Ito, directed by Takao Namiki, Tougei Theatre

1977.2 Fallen Angel produced by Hiromi Suzuki and Tari Ito, Kikyuza Studio

1977 – 1979 Belongs to Mime Group Kikyuza

1976 First performed “Pallard” at Purutinera, Shibuya, Tokyo.

1975 Studies under Namiki Takao

1973 ~ 1974 Attends Kazuo Ohno’s class

1973 Graduates from the Department of Arts, Wako University

1972 Attends the body training class of Namiki Takao and Shimizu Kiyoshi